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Welcome to Peatt Guitars....

This is a multi-purpose website..Number one is to sell guitars.. Number two is to network, to share, and to have fun...My plan is for this site to grow and to get better as I become computer literate. (It may take a while.)


  Having the desire to make more and more guitars, I need to sell guitars. And not being a well-known luthier, as of yet,(One who makes stringed musical instruments)  I am going to make my base price for a Peatt guitar $2500, plus the cost of the case. This price is for the small jumbo on this page. I believe this to be an extraordinary value. But, of course, that is me talking. If you happen to be in the central Florida area I would be more than happy to have you see this instrument.
  If you would like to discuss any of this further, please e-mail me.
Thank you for your consideration.

Model GJ-1
(small Jumbo) Sold

This guitar has a sitka spruce sound board, Rosewood back and sides, the binding is ebony. The fingerboard is rosewood with mother of pearl inlays. 25.4 scale. 16" radius finger board.

Psalms 150:4
...praise Him with stringed instruments...

I call my guitars a Thin-Line Jumbo
25.34 scale
Upper Bout 12 3/8
Lower Bout 16 3/8
Thickness 3 3/8 to 4 1/8

If you would like to hear this guitar being played, please click here.


The above and below photos are linked to 'Actual Size' so you can see more detail.


.  Before I ever made my first guitar I wondered why someone would pay so much for a handmade guitar versus one that was commercially made, other than for vanity or just wanting something different with there name written down on the fret board. But after playing them and making them, is the sound, and the sound is truly in the ear of the hearer. I believe most musicians desire their own unique sound.  When you have a one of a kind instrument, you have a one of kind sound. I truly believe no matter who makes your guitar, (there are a lot of good luthiers out there) you will have a one-of-a-kind sound.
   That's why I use the best of my abilities and the best building techniques- to be  innovative and  to produce the best-sounding guitar possible..

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If you would like to contact me with any questions
or comments please email me at: