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  Recently I have developed a method of producing a true conically radiused fretboard (This page give a good explanation of the CR Fretboard). The photgraph on this page is a 9 1/2" to 13 1/2"
  I found that very little is being offered in this type of fret board, and I am not certain of the market.
  Most luthiers do this by useing various radiused sanding blocks and is relatively  labor intenesive.
  So I am going to offer this as a service for a price of $35.00 plus packaging and cost of board. Unless we use your board.
When I say, 7" to 13", that is from the nut to 18" down the length of the board.
I can do most any combination of radius.
If you are interested or have any questions.  please e-mail me.

9 1/2" to 13 1/2"