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   This page will be up dated on a fairly regular bases. Next to playing and making guitars, playing with this technology is great fun.

   I have just started on two small jumbos. ( I'm calling them 'small jumbos' because they are on the small side of the jumbo parameters: 16 1/4 to 17 1/2 inches at the lower bout. These two are 16 3/8 at the lower bout.) Just finished the body mold, and machined the wood for the body. The sound board on both will be sitka spruce, the sides and back of one will be rosewood, the other mahogany.



Spruce sound board
Material for rosette

cutting rosette

sound board bracing

Putting 27 ft. radius on back of bridge plate.

So far so good.
  Just thought it to be a good idea to radius the bridge plates. It does seem to work well, so why stop now.
  The two of these guitars are going to be same in all aspects, except one is rosewood and the other mahogany.
  When they are done I will record them both, and place sound bits on this site.

Back bracing. 14'9" Radius

These Pictures were added Feb 21, 2207.
And more to come..


As progress is made on these guitars the pictures will be added to this page. Please check back. One of these guitars may be yours.

The is one of the two jumbos

Finished picture of the sold sister..
sitting with a steering weel I made for an old Indy car

This sister has been sold. (Went to a good home)
This is its sister

All of the guitars pictured on this site at this time are sold.But more are in the works. Thank you very much

Wood for the next two

Starting another pair of jumbos, both with 'Black Limba' backs and sides. One with Alaskan Yellow Cedar face, and the other with Sitka Spruce.

These new guitars are going to have a conical radius fingerboard. If you think you may have an interest in either of these let me know so the neck can be finished to your specifications.
25.34 scale
Upper Bout 12 3/8
Lower Bout 16 3/8
Thickness 3 3/8 to 4 1/8