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Links I Like

Here are some links that I have found
to be very helpful. I hope you find them to be the same.
Mr. Kinkade's book is very helpfull if you would like to atemped to build a guitar yourselve. I used it on my first guitar. But be warned, it is not as easy as it looks like on the TV shows that you might have seen.  Be prepared to do some thinking on your own. But that being said, I haven't seen a better book to start with. The big selling point to me was the inclusion of a full size set of plans.

For High quality wood, and to be able to see what your going to get..You can't beat them.

These guys have always delivered the right stuff, and have always been very helpfull.
Have enjoyed doing business with them.

If you can't find them anywhere else, they have them.

This is where I get my guitar cases made. I think you would be hard pressed to find a better case.

I could go on and on with links that have been helpful and that I have enjoyed...And I will, but not today. I would like to get this website published, so I think I'll save something to do for another day..

If you have ever considered what you might do with that long eternity after your guitar playing is done, this is a site more than worth looking over...